Howdy. I’m Dario and I have spent the past 20 years working on the creative and the administrative sides of agencies, publishing houses and printing firms, finally settling in the healthcare sector. I have spent a large part of my career setting up workflows for companies and the rest of it working in the creative side on everything from videos and trade booths to print and web.


Currently, my team is revolutionizing the digital asset management space and bringing Creative Operations into the healthcare sector. We are laying the framework and infrastructure for the hospital’s numerous creative teams to work in a scalable, collaborative and transparent environment across the enterprise while also streamlining their processes, upgrading their systems and installing the governance to keep them on track. My work in marketing technology and workflow has taught me a ton about the user experience and my years spent in design are proving invaluable in these endeavors.


Outside of the office is where I’ve done the most challenging and rewarding work of my career. That is the job of parenting two beautiful, strong, intelligent and super creative daughters. They remind me everyday to be brave, creative, accepting, compassionate and to notice even the smallest details in everything. They’ve also taught me how to function at a high level with very little sleep.




Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Art Director/Creative Operations Manager  >  March 2008 – Present

  • Spearheaded the selection and implementation of the hospital’s first asset management system
    that will allow for a more streamlined process of searching our collection of millions of assets spanning numerous departments, including photographs, videos, PDFs and Word files.

  • Currently leading the initiative to select and implement digital signature technology for
    department forms with the future goal of expanding to the entire enterprise.

  • Responsible for the concept and design of campaign materials.

    • ​Design and art direction experience across all mediums including:

    • print and clinical program collateral, outdoor, transit, print advertising, video, radio, photography and web.

    • Work directly with clients and account managers to determine and execute project
      scope and goals.

    • Brainstorm campaign ideas with copywriter. Work with my team to execute materials
      and present them to the client.

  • Tasked with managing the hardware and software for our department ensuring everything
    is up-to-date and cost-effective, as well as, acting as the point man for all questions
    involving technology.

  • Launched several training programs for our design team to expand their skills and stay
    up-to-date with constantly changing software

  • Collaborated with our production manager to establish a clear set of prepress standards
    ​and trained the design staff on how to apply them.


Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Traffic Manager  >  March 2005 – March 2008

  • Created and implemented a traffic workflow system for the art department.

  • Worked with a developer to design a system for the account managers to open and manage projects within the department. 

  • Worked with IT to purchase and implement a server for the department to house all of the thousands of jobs and hundreds of thousands of assets.


Montco Advertising Specialties
Production Manager/Graphic Designer  >  May 2003 – April 2005

  • Managed the prepress department of a promotional printer. 

  • Completed all design work for promotional pieces for the company including trade show materials and advertisements.


Kelly Michener
Production/Traffic Manager  >  April 2001 – April 2003

  • Built and maintained a traffic workflow system for the art department of the agency.

  • Handled all production management duties: estimates, press checks, prepress, invoicing, and establishing and maintaining vendor relationships.


To download a PDF of my resumé, please click here.