Heart Month Campaign - "Every Heart Has a Story"


We were challenged with creating an awareness campaign with a strong focus on fundraising. 

The "Every Heart Has a Story" campaign was the result. The campaign focuses on telling the stories of our patients and encouraging other families to tell theirs. We wrote a dozen patient stories and encouraged families to send in home videos of themselves telling their heart stories, which we then edited together. Ads were run in several regional publications and a very strong focus was placed on targeted digital ads and Facebook. We were able to grow this campaign in it's second year to include three patient story videos which we produced. The website landing page was also overhauled and the same focus was placed on digital advertising and Facebook.

Care Network Campaign - "Right By Your Side"


We were asked to create a campaign to promote our 50+ location Care Network. Unlike campaigns in the past that had a focus on excellence, they were looking for a more subtle approach from us this time.

The result of months of brainstorming and focus grouping was the "Right By Your Side" campaign. It took on a much softer approach with a clear focus on accessibility and cooperation. However, this message is juxtaposed with a line about the greatness of the hospital.

Adolescent Sexual Health Campaign - "iknowyoushould2"


The hospital was tasked with creating a campaign to empower kids in Philadelphia to get tested for STIs.

"Iknowushould2" was the result. Its a campaign that was created to be intentionally vague, tapping into the curiosity of youth and their desire to be ahead of the trends. It was also kept vague to encourage kids to go to the website where they would then be able to learn about STIs and testing locations near them. 

To stay in keeping with the youthful theme, we shot everything using Instagram filters and even produced a video using our iPhones with filters. 

We wanted this message to come from kids, and not from us, so the hospital brand was omitted from the campaign and just added to the bottom of the site as a disclaimer. T-shirts were created and distributed to schools and clinics . Signage went up in buses, trolleys and subways cars, as well as on platforms for each.